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ATD is a travel agent offering tailor-made solutions for corporate and private travelling. Our representatives speak English, Spanish and all Scandinavian languages. We are stationed in Barcelona, Spain, but work world wide with extensive and thorough knowledge and experience of numerous destinations.

Why are we better than others?

  • We have an extremely high degree of service (24/7), a policy based on one hundred per cent discretion and a highly personalized service.
  • We don’t use intermediaries or agents in other countries, but rather work directly towards end suppliers to secure optimal control over the arrangement.
  • We always keep a keen eye on and check very closely all our suppliers and arrangement details prior to our guests’ arrival.
  • Representatives from ATD are always present throughout the whole arrangement, from the outset at the airport, but more as a silent butler keeping control than a head figure.
  • We take great pride in good budget/destination management, i.e. we offer destinations in accordance with our customers’ budgets. This means that we only offer our services when and where the destination/budget relationship is in close harmony with the effort it takes to keep up our service profile: Attention to Details!

Worldwide First Class Destinations

ATD offers the highest level of service (24/7), a policy based on one hundred percent discretion and a highly personalized service....

Some of our Experiences

Taste of Paradise

White Shark Cage Diving

Safari in Africa

Norwegian Fjords

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